Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, today in the first reading you see St. Paul evangelizing the Gentiles, and in the Gospel I am teaching My apostles how to pray the ‘Our Father’ prayer. My people need to understand the importance of daily prayer, and the ‘Our Father’ is prayed often in My Blessed Mother’s rosary. All of the prayers in the holy rosary are Scripture based. One of your daily prayer intentions is to pray for the stoppage of abortion in your country and all over the world. You see a baby being held by the child’s mother, and you wonder how a mother can kill her own child in abortion. Money and convenience do not even compare to the value of a human life. Every baby is different from the mother, and each baby is human from the moment of conception. Unless a man and woman are married, they should not be fornicating in the first place. Some abortions are done because of such affairs, but even married women should not be aborting their children either. All abortions are killing children, and this is against My Fifth Commandment of Thou shalt not kill anyone. Taking a life is the most serious of crimes, yet your people are killing millions of babies every year. Why should the unborn baby be any less valuable than other lives? Your killing of babies in abortion is no different from past years when people made human sacrifices to their gods. Your gods are money, convenience, and pride in avoiding any embarrassment. Keep praying to stop abortion in America because the blood of these babies will be bringing punishment on America for these sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a bad year for certain crops. You had a warm March and a cold April which killed many of your buds and blossoms for cherries and apples. In the Northern areas you saw a reduction in cherries, and a 50% loss in your apple production. Many of your weather problems can be manipulated by using the HAARP machine to direct your jet streams that provide rain, and can control the temperatures. They pulled the jet streams north to bring in heat, and they pulled them south to bring in the cold. This same technique was used in the summer to cause massive droughts in your cornfields. By keeping the jet streams to the north and a high pressure system over the middle of your country, the cornfields received very little rain and became dried out in a massive drought. This is why your food prices are higher along with your $4 gasoline prices. To add further inflation, you now have the Federal Reserve printing bonds out of thin air with no limit. The one world people are doing everything they can to bankrupt your economy with hyperinflation and artificially low interest rates. This is another reason why your Congress should take back its right to control the money supply so the one world people could not crash your markets with tight and loose money. Because of these manipulations, you could see a crash of your dollar, and a takeover of America by the one world people. When this happens, My faithful will need to come to My refuges to be protected by My angels. Trust in Me because I will soon bring My victory over the evil ones, and then I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”