Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014: (St. Therese, the little flower)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I called people to follow Me without looking back. I did not say this is disrespect of their parents or relatives, but when you choose to follow Me, you will be choosing a new life centered around Me. When you focus on Me, I do not want you to fall back into your old sinful lifestyle. When you work for Me, you will do everything out of love for Me and love for your neighbor. Your new life with Me, will be one that imitates My holiness, so you will be a good example to others. When I call you, I am looking for your ‘yes’ to give Me your free will in doing what I ask of you, without any reservations. I may even ask you to do things that take you out of your comfort zone. Be willing to donate your money and time for all the charities where you are called to help. Remember to count the costs for My discipleship, but to continue on without looking back.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have some sayings about walking in another person’s shoes in order to know that person’s problems. You all have difficulties with life’s trials, and it is hard to interpret a person’s actions without knowing the whole story. This is why I do not want you to judge people on just what you see. I am the only One who knows all the reasons for a person’s actions because I look into the intentions of each person’s heart. Some people do things only to show off to the people around them, and they may not be sincere in what they say. If you find a true friend who does not lie or put on airs, then you have a treasure of an honest person. This is how I want My faithful to act with a sincere love of Me and a love for their neighbors. By living your Christian faith in your actions, then you will be giving a good witness for how I want you to live in holiness.”