Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, tonight your Senators have pushed through a bailout bill that was even more expensive than the bill rejected by the House. The mentality of Congress to pass an unpopular bill is to add enough money so everyone benefits from it. Even once a bailout passes the House, you are going to see that this is only a temporary fix. The rest of your economic problems are piling up that could cause higher unemployment and more bank and company failures. Once you have started a disruption in your banking system and your lack of confidence, many bankruptcies will occur before you reach an equilibrium of supply and demand. As long as the one world people are allowed to crash your companies to nothing, then your country is just a matter of time before your whole government will be declared bankrupt. See these plans for takeover are right on schedule. This is why I am emphasizing your preparations to leave for your refuges once martial law will be declared. Pray for My protection from the evil ones, as My angels are ready to lead you to safety. Keep calm and put your trust in Me no matter how much chaos there will be around you.”