Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011: (Dedication of St.John Lateran)
Jesus said: “My people, it is a duty of those who oversee My Church to keep the deposit of faith ever before My people. This briefcase in the vision holds all of My Church’s laws, canons, and Encyclicals, as well as the Scriptures of My Word. I am the keystone of My Church as I founded it with St. Peter as its first Pope. This dedication of St. John Lateran Basilica is because this was the place for My Popes until St. Peter’s Basilica was built. It is still recognized as the Church of Rome. I have protected My Church through the years, and I am always reaching out to evangelize sinners through My missionaries. You are all on your journey toward heaven, and My Church is there to guide you and make any interpretation of Scripture, or faith and moral decisions. Other denominations have split off from the main branch, but My Church is the true Church with My sacraments to make you holy.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who travel on cruise ships are familiar with places to gather before you leave on your tour for the day. It can be an exciting trip to see new places, or even places that you have been many years ago. When you play back your pictures or movies, you can bring back your memories of that trip. Your life experience can also be seen as a tour because you are always meeting new challenges with opportunities to help people out of charity. You start your day with your morning offering to Me as I help direct you on your mission. Having a good spiritual outlook on life can share your joy of faith with others in lifting up the spirits of those people whom you meet each day. Everyday life has its problems and some people can get overburdened and sad with life’s trials. By your prayers and help, you can console such persons who have sickness or deaths in their family. You can help one another get through your trials, and it can be a comfort to have someone listen to another person’s problems. One day at either your Warning or your death, you will see your life’s memories played back to you at your judgment. If you focus on following My ways and loving Me and your neighbor, you will be rewarded for your good behavior. Those, who do not follow My ways and go against My laws, may suffer a more harsh punishment. It is your choice every day whether to follow My ways or the ways of the world. To gain heaven you need to imitate My life, and follow My Commandments out of love for Me.”