Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, every Christmas Season people are busy about buying gifts for relatives and preparing their Christmas decorations. There should be a spirit of joy in this season, but some people see it as too much busy work. Many shopkeepers see this season as a chance to make money on this desire for people to buy gifts. It is nice to share gifts, especially with the children. It is also appropriate to send out Christmas cards because it keeps you in touch with those friends and relatives that you may not see too often. Celebrating My birth should be a time of joy and love, but the people should remember that I am the center of the celebration, and not reindeer, snowmen, and Santa Claus. When you are thinking of giving gifts, you could share some of your money with the poor, and even give spiritual gifts of prayers to those in need of help. By sharing with others, then you can really enjoy the Christmas spirit of love for Me and your neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My people, there will be many rustic refuges that will be hard to live in for over three years. Yet every refuge will be protected by My angels, which is better than risking execution at the hands of the one world people. When I was born in a cold stable in Bethlehem, it was a crude place to live for your King. If I could suffer a humble birth in a cave, then My faithful could suffer living at a simple refuge of whatever is available for sleeping. Many people in America have palaces for homes compared to the poor in the third world countries. It will be hard for some of your people to leave their comfortable homes for a rustic dwelling in the country or in a cave. But this short trial of crude living is a better choice than risking martyrdom. My faithful will have a bed to sleep in, and food and water to survive. Trust in My protection from the evil ones, even if you have to endure your purgatory on earth.”