Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this covering up of the evil eyes in the vision means that there are many evil people walking around, but their evil intentions and even their physical appearances are disguised so you do not know about them. I know them and the intentions in their hearts, so I can warn you about them. The central bankers and those running your government are part of this evil plan to bankrupt your country and take it over. It will be during this takeover that your lives and souls will be at risk. In the name of a bailout and security, your government is running up major deficits that will benefit the rich and not the citizens. They will continue announcing massive infusions of taxpayer dollars, with little vote from the people, that will eventually bankrupt your country. Once the evil ones are in power, they will attempt to exterminate all Christians and patriots. Those, who do not leave for My refuges, will be at risk to be killed or martyred for your faith. Those, who call on Me and your guardian angel to lead you to a refuge, will be invisible and protected. The choice of leaving must be before the evil ones come to your house. Trust in My warnings and leave at once when you are told, or you could face death in the detention centers.”
Jesus said: “My people, the evil one world people have created the problem of your recent credit crisis, and now they want to create the solution by throwing trillions of dollars into the banks and credit markets. The real problem is how your Federal Reserve and your Treasury Departments are printing more deficit money without any authorization from your Congress. They are throwing hundreds of billions of dollars into your bad debts without any concern that too much of a deficit is worse than your recession. Over diluting your currency with too many treasury notes in circulation is their plan to ruin your banking system. They can keep printing more money because there is nothing backing it. Your money will soon be worthless as a result of the coming takeover, and the amero will replace the dollar. All of these radical moves are increased deficits on the taxpayer, but you have not had any say whether or not to spend these large sums, nor to whom it should be given. Your money people are out of control, and they are making their own rules and creating a new socialistic government run by your Federal Reserve and your President. Trust in Me and be prepared to leave for your refuges when this takeover comes about.”