Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010: (Vietnamese martyrs)
Jesus said: “My people, in these end time readings there is much talk of persecution and killing of martyrs, but this evil is balanced by the promise of My victory in the end. I am much more powerful than anything that the evil ones could do on earth. There will be a time of tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation, but this time will be less than 3 ½ years for the sake of My elect. There is always a battle between good and evil, but at the end, the evil ones are cast into hell, while My faithful are brought into My Era of Peace. I will protect My faithful at My refuges, but some will be martyred for their faith. The descriptions of heaven are glorious in these readings, so have no fear and have peace in your soul as My faithful await their entry into heaven. Your time in My Era of Peace and then in heaven will be your reward for being faithful to loving Me and following My Commandments.”

Jesus said: “My people, as seen in the vision, many shoppers are ready to start their Christmas shopping at their local mall stores. Your shopkeepers are hoping to see more profits this year than the last few years of recession. There are still many people who are unemployed, and their unemployment checks are running out. People are preparing for another winter season by buying snow boots, hats, gloves, and scrappers for their cars. Heavier coats are also needed as snow storms are causing blizzards in the Middle Northern states. Some people even migrate to warmer states for the winter. Longer nights and getting close to the winter solstice are other signs of winter’s arrival. Pray for good weather for your families that are traveling for their Thanksgiving meetings. Your Mid-Atlantic states had some heavy snow storms last year, and you may see more of the same this year. Be prepared for any power outages with extra fuel sources as wood and kerosene for burners in addition to your natural gas burners. Having some extra food and oil for your lamps will also keep you eating with sufficient light. Give thanks to Me in your prayers before your dinner, and enjoy exchanging conversations with your relatives who you do not see very often.”