Wednesday, November 21, 2007: (Presentation of Mary)

Jesus said: “My people, My Blessed Mother knew well about caves as places of protection. She gave birth to Me in a cave in Bethlehem, as you have visited this site. She and St. Joseph had to flee with Me to Egypt, as led by an angel, in order to avoid King Herod’s attempt to kill Me. Many Holy Innocents had to die because of Herod’s jealousy of My Kingdom over his. In Egypt our family also was protected in a cave for a dwelling. Both of these places have churches erected over these sites in order to honor the sacredness of where I stayed. So My Blessed Mother knows well of the need for your refuges of protection during the coming tribulation. Her places of apparition, holy ground places, and caves will also be your places of sanctuary against the evil ones who will want to kill you for your faith in Me. My Blessed Mother was born sinless and she was prepared in holiness without sin so she could conceive and bring forth a son in Me. Now, My people are also being prepared and warned of the need for your own places of refuge where My angels will protect you from the evil ones.”