Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel you are reading St. Luke’s account of the parable of the talents. You are seeing the contrast between those who used their God-given talents to make a living, and those who did not use their talents out of fear and laziness. You cannot help but notice there are similar contrasts in your own society. You have some people who are industrious, and they do well with their talents to prosper in making a living. On the other hand, you also have those who are not working, and they are being supported by your taxpayers. It is a waste of people’s talents when they do not even try to get a job, like the rest of your society that is working. When you come to the judgment, you all will have to answer for what you did with your life. Many of you may have to spend some time being purified in purgatory. Others, who did not use their talents, may have a longer time in purgatory for not carrying out their mission in life. I am merciful, but some may receive My justice for all of their abuses and laziness. Reach out and help your neighbor in good works, and you will store up treasure in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, in an earlier message (9-8-14) I warned you to be prepared for power outages that could come from another cold and snowy winter like last year. Already you have seen a terrible snowstorm in Maine where 140,000 people lost electricity. Now, you have just seen a huge arctic cold wave that has caused much colder temperatures than normal for most of your country. The worst lake effect snow levels of almost five feet of snow has occurred just south of Buffalo, N.Y., and it closed the main highway for several days. Get used to these weather disasters because this is just the beginning of winter. You can see why I have had you stock up on food, water, and fuel, when you get snowed in without access to your stores. You may want to put emergency food, fuel, and water even in your cars, as you saw people stranded in their cars for days. Some may think that these preparations are too much, but it is better to be supplied than to go without anything to eat and drink. Continue to trust in Me to protect you, and provide for your needs.”