Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this night scene without light represents how you could have some power outages this winter when you will need fuel for warmth, cooking, and light. Your full oil lamps should remind you of being ready as the five wise virgins in the Gospel. You have had several power outages from ice storms and wind storms. This is why I have warned you to have some back up fuels as wood, kerosene, and propane for cooking. Your sources and heaters should be independent of electricity and natural gas lines that could also be shut down to control you. If the one world people wanted to have a takeover, they could shut down your power which in turn would shut down your banks and gas stations. This is why it would be prudent to have water, food, and fuel on hand, especially for the cold of winter. You know how cold it can get without heat, even as you are warming yourselves now with just a little coldness. If your power should be cut off for a long time, then you would need enough fuel for the whole winter. I will multiply your fuel if you are being tested by the one world people to take chips in the body or if they try to force you to follow them. My refuges should also be prepared with wood forests or large full propane tanks where I could multiply your fuel. Trust in Me to keep your water from freezing and to multiply your food so you do not have to rely on outside sources that may require chips to buy and sell. With Me at your side, you will be warm this winter with enough food to survive. Give thanks and praise to Me for taking care of My faithful remnant.”