Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010: (St. Elizabeth of Hungary)
 Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel accounts there were several versions of My parable about the talents or gold coins. Two of the people in the parable, who were given money, were industrious to make more money, but the third man hid the money in the ground or in a handkerchief. This is an example in life of whether you used your talents for My glory, or you wasted your talents by not using them for what they were intended. Those, who did not use their talents, may suffer longer in purgatory. The other people mentioned, who rejected the king or killed his servants, are those who committed sins, but did not repent, and they are the ones who were sent to hell because they rejected Me. You all have choices in life because I do not force you to love Me. But at the judgment you must answer and suffer the consequences of your decisions. Those, who love Me and follow My Commandments, may be purified and come to heaven. Those, who reject Me, do not keep My Commandments, and do not repent, are those who will be sent into the flames of hell. I am merciful, but I am also a just judge. I want My people to love Me and follow Me without fear. Then I will welcome you into My Wedding Banquet in heaven as your reward.”

(Rosaria Proia wake) Jesus said: “My people, it is appropriate to be praying the rosary for a mother and grandmother with the name Rosaria. She has had the gift of more years than most people, but they were very productive years. When I called her home, she was ready to see Me. She will be doing a short purification in purgatory, and when her Masses are said, she will be released to be with Me in heaven. She did not leave you completely because she loves her family, and she will be praying for all of you. She will be missed at your holiday celebrations, but remember her in your prayers, especially when you give thanksgiving at your meals.”

Jesus said: “My people, if you truly love Me, you will seek out learning everything you can about Me and My creation. When you are having a nature walk, you are joyful to be alive so you can appreciate the fall foliage, the birds, the deer, and the squirrels on your path. There is beauty in nature and in My people where you can find an extension of My love. In all of the world the souls of My people are My most prized possessions. I give you all free will so you can come to love Me by yourselves without Me forcing you. I allow the good and the bad to live their lives together, just as I spoke of the wheat and the tares growing up together. At the harvest the wheat I separated to go into My barn, while the tares were bundled together and thrown into the fire. So it is at the judgment. My faithful, who have loved Me and performed good works for others, will see their reward in heaven. The evil ones, who have killed My people and refused to repent of their sins, will be cast into the fires of hell. I love everyone, but those who deny life in the womb, kill older people in euthanasia, and encourage killing in wars and by viruses, are the evil ones who will face My justice. I am the giver and taker of life, and those, who deny My plans for souls by killing, are committing the worst offense against Me. Pray for these souls to change their ways before it is too late to save them from hell. I strive to have every soul come to heaven, but the evil one is battling with Me for every soul. My joy is to see My faithful evangelize and convert souls to My Gospel. If you saw how much souls suffer in the flames of hell, you would strive also to save as many souls as you could from going to hell.”