Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, the rich and the famous, as with the pyramids, have much money to adorn themselves, even in death, yet all are equal before Me at the judgment. To whom more is given, more will be expected, both in the material world and with spiritual gifts. I do not measure a person’s importance by their wealth or their fame, but it is how they love Me and their neighbor. If you truly are following My ways, you should be generous in your charity by giving of your money and your time. In the spiritual world you also need to be generous in your prayers and evangelizing souls to be saved. Another way of sharing your love with Me is to be gracious and giving thanks for all the gifts that I have given you. Even in today’s Gospel I was asking why the other nine lepers did not return to give thanks for My healing of their leprosy. So it is today, even when you have your prayers answered, you should not forget to thank Me as these nine lepers did not. Guard your peace and rest with Me from any earthly distractions that could replace your prayer time.” Jesus said: “My people, you wake up every morning wondering what to do first on your list of chores. But stop and think for a moment how gifted you are to have good health and be able to do what you want. There are some people who cannot walk, or have chronic diseases, or even terminal diseases. These people are suffering every day with their disabilities. Pray for these people so they could endure their trials and carry on with life as they can manage. Be more thankful for your good health as well. Sometimes you may suffer a temporary disability with a broken limb, and it is then that you realize what it is like to be without good health and free movement. It is then that you also can be more sympathetic with some who have to suffer a disability all of their life. Trust in Me to heal any illness and keep your good health. Do what you can to ease the burdens of others’ disabilities.”