Wednesday, November 12, 2008: (St. Josaphat)

Jesus said: “My people, there are evil people around you that are influenced by demons, and even some are possessed by demons. These are the one world people who are working to take over your country and declare it a part of their one world government under their new world order. Once they establish their reign, then it will be given over to the Antichrist to rule during the tribulation. Because these evil ones will be trying to exterminate all Christians, I will be protecting My faithful at My refuges with My angels. It would be best that you protect your soul by carrying your sacramental weapons on your person with your rosaries, Benedictine crosses, holy water, and blessed salt as a defense against the demons. Once you leave your homes for My refuges, your guardian angels will make you invisible to the evil ones, as well as the angels guarding each refuge. My power is superior to all of the demons, so have no worries that I will protect My faithful and provide for your needs. Remember to thank Me for watching over you, even as one of the ten lepers, that were healed, thanked Me and was saved.”
Jesus said: “My people, as your auto industry is claiming that it is too big to fail, these companies are seeking a bailout from some historically bad management decisions. They have been losing market share for some time because foreign companies are subsidized by their governments and they have designed better cars. American workers have higher pay and benefits than other countries. American companies emphasized SUVs and expensive trucks that use a lot of fuel. Their incentive was to make more money on expensive vehicles. When gas prices went very high, Americans bought high mileage and smaller cars while American companies lost their money makers that no longer were selling. Even foreign companies are seeing major cutbacks in sales because of little credit to buy vehicles. American car companies have little capital to wait out a long recession and this is the present dilemma. Your government is finding out that it is difficult to bail out bad loans, or help bail out so many of your industries that are hurting and headed for bankruptcy. The damage to your credit availability and lost consumer confidence have been so severe that your economy will be fortunate to survive. This economic disaster continues to flounder with very little solutions. There may not be enough of an economy left after the year of slow earnings that are being forecasted before things turn around. The one world people have planned this crisis to enable their takeover, so do not be surprised if you see martial law and your government go bankrupt. When such a disaster occurs, you will need to go to your refuges for My protection. Be prepared to leave at any time because desperate people will cause riots and looting. Pray for My help in your coming tribulation.”