Wednesday, November 11, 2009: (St. Martin de Tours, Veteran’s Day)

Jesus said: “My people, in the days of the Roman Empire it was the soldiers that kept Rome strong. Unfortunately, this same power killed many Early Christians as gladiators or being fed to the lions. Throughout the years soldiers have tried to protect their homeland from neighboring enemies. Satan has fomented many wars to kill man, and he still inspires the one world people to cause constant wars to give reason for the existence of weapons makers. Defense industries are big business that is paid for by your taxpayers as your largest budget expense. Wars are part of the death culture in all of the lives that it kills. Today you honor all the veterans of your many wars for all of their fighting to protect your country and other countries from ruthless dictators. Many soldiers have died or are suffering from the wounds of battle. You are in another battle for souls and My soldiers are My faithful who fight the demons and evangelize souls. This is the most important battle beyond physical fighting because all of mankind must face your individual judgment. The more souls that you could be instrumental in saving, the more graces that you will have for your judgment. Continue to struggle every day for your soul and the souls that you want to save from hell with My help.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is always comforting to have your friends and family over to your house for the holidays. Especially your out of town family is always a pleasure to share their company. Some members are becoming more independent as they grow older, and you could see changes in their personalities. Still you always want to help your family and share your meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You are always amazed at how quickly the children pass through high school and into college. As you watch the progress of your family through time, you can see how you are only on this earth for a short time. You have been fortunate to be able to share with each other even beyond death. You see also how important it is to keep your faith in grace, and to pray for the salvation of the souls of your family. Some members are more lax in their faith than others, so you have to encourage them in going to Sunday Mass and receiving Me in Confession. Your soul lives on past this physical life, so it is important that all of your family’s souls be saved from hell. By your prayers and Masses, you can help each member to stay close to Me. Keep praying for your family and be vigilant and persevere in prayer for them.”