Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, you have been celebrating My Resurrection, and I have been revealing Myself as the Bread of Life. When you receive My Body and Blood at Mass, you have all the spiritual food that you need to get through life’s trials. When you receive Me and believe in My Word, you are promised eternal life with Me. In the vision I am showing you this path that leads to Me because I want all of you to give your will over to My Divine Will, so I can accomplish My mission for your life. I know that you desire to do your own plans, but My plans will accomplish more for My glory in helping people come to Me. It is not easy to go out to evangelize souls, but saving souls from hell, should be your first priority. I am asking you to work with Me in harvesting souls because only a few are answering My call for this work. Some people are asking Me to send more laborers out for the harvest of souls, but My faithful need to be open to do My work. Those, who do answer My call, will have their reward in heaven. My son, do not be concerned that you are not seeing large numbers of people come out for your talks. Keep working the best that you can, because fewer people will be listening to My voice as you are entering the end times.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of My refuges are in the country or more desolate places, away from the cities. Not all of My places of refuge will be prepared with food, water, and places to sleep. Some shrines and monasteries might be places without preparations. In such refuges, My angels will bring you the food and bedding, and they will multiply the buildings that will be needed for sleeping. Trust in Me to provide for your needs in miracles. I have described My refuges, and you will need places of protection from the Antichrist and his people, who will be trying to kill you. This will be a threat to your life, and a threat to your soul. This is why I am sending My angels to fight the demons for you. In the end times, you will be seeing a battle between the good and evil people, and it will come to a head in the Battle of Armageddon. Have trust and hope in My greater power, as the evil ones will be defeated and cast into hell. Then I will cleanse the earth, and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace. Rejoice in My coming victory over all the evil ones.”