Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, mining precious stones, diamonds, and gold takes a lot of work and usually there is a lot of rock or dirt to discard as a by-product of the mining process. The richer the vein of stones or gold, the more money can be made from each load of raw material. In the spiritual world, you need a lot of prayer and effort to bring about conversions. In this case the precious stones are the very souls that you are training to save. Your tears of love for Me, I treasure as special gems in your treasure account for your judgment. At times you need to sift through many souls in order to find a few faithful souls who are willing to suffer for Me. Many are looking for the easy way out to solve their problems by following the broad road to hell. To follow Me you must count the costs because saving your soul has a high price. You need to sift through a lot of things in the world that are worthless in helping to bring you to heaven. All of this chaff must be sifted away so you can have the wheat gathered into My barn. Pray to survive with My help as I provide for your food and living expenses. By staying close to Me in faith, you will gain the most precious gem of all, eternal life in heaven.”