Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, many people are clearing their lands and plots to plant their flowers and vegetables. You have been waiting until there is less chance of frost. The act of planting seeds to grow things can also be applied to your spiritual life as well. As you share your faith with others, you are like the Parable of the Sower where the seed represents the Word of God. You remember the various places where the seed fell. On the paths and rocks the seed failed to take root, even as some receive My Word with joy at first, but they do not make My ways a part of their life. Some seed falls among weeds and thorns and when it springs up, it is choked, even as some people are taken up more with the cares of the world. Then some seed falls upon good soil and there is an abundance of grain in thirty, sixty, and one hundredfold. This is when a soul truly repents of their sins, accepts Me as Master and Savior, and follows My Commandments. Those, who follow Me and live their faith in their works and actions, will truly receive eternal life in heaven. It is a joy when you spread My Word and convert souls to the faith.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are various powers controlling the American government that are directing large numbers of black operations or secret operations for certain interest groups. The HAARP Machine and chem trails have devious uses for private needs that are not all known by the public. Controls that check all communications is another violation of people’s privacy. Chips in various products are violating privacy when they are taken home. Searching private records and gathering earth coordinates of every home is another planned operation. Perpetrated wars by design to make money is another abuse of power. Many of these operations would be denied in public, but they are still carried out under the direction of the one world people. The devil and the Antichrist will have a brief reign of evil in using all of these abuses. No matter how controlled these forces will be, My power will overcome their plans when I bring My Great Chastisement and My angels to chain these evil ones in the pits of hell. Trust in My coming victory that will defeat the demons and bring about My Era of Peace.”