Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, man’s space exploration has continued through the years, but you have had to be more concerned with damage to the tiles of the Shuttle so it does not burn up as one mission was lost. Improving the telescope will allow it to continue man’s search for other galaxies and star systems like your own. Seeing how large the universe is should be another witness to you of My creation beyond the earth and how beautiful and ordered it is. Give thanks and praise to Me for all of creation including the stars and the planets. You know something of the miracle of life on earth, but the immensity of space is hard to comprehend. Man also does not know much about the spirit world, except for what is in the Scriptures, and from some who have returned from the dead. The world of heaven with all of My saints and angels is much more rewarding to know about than learning of the science of this world. Strive to repent and focus on the next life with Me which will last for all eternity.”