Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in your national songs you sing about America as the land of the free, but your government is gradually trying to take away your freedoms. Recently, you have been complaining about your freedom of religion as your Health Department is trying to force people to provide birth control devices against their faith. In other new Defense laws your government can threaten to incarcerate you at their whim and hold you in detention centers indefinitely. Many other freedoms of speech have been challenged. Soon your new Health Plan will force chips in the body for your health insurance that you will be forced to buy against your will. Many of these freedoms are being threatened by incarcerating you if you do not go along with their mandates of chips in the body and mandatory flu shots. When these mandates start getting enforced, it will be time to go to My refuges. When you see a world famine, a division in My Church, martial law, or mandatory chips in the body, these will be the signs to come to My refuges. Call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge. The ultimate loss of your freedoms will come when the one world people will force America into the North American Union when all of your sovereignty rights will be lost, as your Bill of Rights. Enjoy your freedoms that are left for awhile because you will soon be taken over by the evil ones. Be prepared to leave for My refuges when I warn you, or when you see the signs that I have mentioned. This takeover is not a matter of if it will happen, but it is a matter of when it will happen.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is that of a man who does not want to be known. This man represents one of the many one world people who have a one world government as their goal. To achieve this goal they have to bring down America’s economy and its military. By arranging constant wars, these evil ones are wearing down your military, and the expense of these wars is increasing your National Debt which could result in your bankruptcy. Bankrupting your government is one means to achieve their takeover of America. The one world people are very secretive and through their money and influence, they control governments through the government’s debts. The time of the one world people and Satan is running out, and they will be speeding up events to bring about their new world order. I have been warning My faithful to have food and preparations to leave for My refuges. You are seeing many events happening quickly so the evil ones can obtain their brief reign. Do not be afraid if you have to live at My refuges for a while because I will protect you and provide for your needs until I will bring My victory over evil. Have faith that I will bring the evil ones to justice with My coming Comet of Chastisement. They will be cast into hell while I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace as your reward for staying true to My Word.”