Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of prison bars represents how your sins imprison you from doing the best that I want you to accomplish. When I died on the cross for your sins, now you are free and can be forgiven of your sins. The opening of the prison bars means that the gates of heaven have been opened for those worthy to enter. The consequences of sin take away grace from your soul, and you become weak to break the bonds of your bad habits. You can come to Me in Confession and your sins can be cleansed and sanctifying grace is restored to your soul. Now you are more worthy to receive Me in Holy Communion, and the grace of My Eucharist will heal the harm done by your sins. So rejoice in your spiritual freedom, but remember that you are now more responsible to obey My Commandments so you can show Me how much you love Me. You can put your trust in Me to provide for all of your needs, so call on Me when you are in distress and even in your every day trials. Soon you will be celebrating My Resurrection at Easter, and you can look forward one day to being with Me in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, you occasionally see shooting stars as a result of burning up space debris from various satellites. Recently, your military shot down a military satellite with dangerous unspent fuel. These events can also be seen as signs or omens of events to come. You truly will be seeing some unusual natural disasters and man-made events this year. Be prepared for some dramatic damage and possible loss of life with all of these events. Be assured that I will be at your side to call on Me for help in any disaster to come. Except for Katrina and your California fires, you have had a relative calm from disasters. Tornadoes, droughts, and ice storms have unsettled your people recently. These things will only increase in intensity.”