Wednesday, March 3, 2010: (St. Katharine Drexel, Camille’s Mass)

Camille said: “Hello again, John. I wanted to let you know that I did close the door at your church to prepare you for hearing me at the Communion time. As you know, I have been getting Herm and Donna’s attention with their light which is easy for me to turn on. It is with these signs that the Lord has enabled me to give you some communication. I also told you that the Lord has given me a mission for saving the souls in the family. I am most concerned for those in your family who could use some prayer help. I am doing what I can from heaven, but I need some help from you prayer warriors. Tell everyone how much I love them, and I look out for helping Lydia as well. You can pray to me as an intercessor just as you pray to your children who died.”

Jesus said: “My people, many parts of this Health Plan could cause problems for America. The first problem is how to finance a trillion dollar program with no meaningful way to pay for it. Your Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid entitlements are all paying out more than they are taking in already. This Health Plan will grow your National Debt with another unaffordable entitlement program. Paying for everyone’s health costs is too much to ask of your taxpayers and your children who will pay the future taxes. The second problem is the payment of abortions and euthanasia by the taxpayer. A third problem is the control over your health care and drugs with a National ID card which will contain a microchip. Operations will be harder to schedule, especially for older patients. The real trouble is how the Democrats are trying to force this plan through by Reconciliation of 51 votes vs. the normal vote of 60 votes which the Democrats do not have in the Senate. Even though polls of your people are against this plan because of penalties and too many rules, the Democrats are pushing it through despite public opinion against it. They see no other way to pass an unpopular bill by clouded talk of trying to add Republican ideas which will be very minimal. Pray that your Congress votes for the right plan that will help the needy without bankrupting your country.”