Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages speaking about the eventual bankruptcy of America. Now some of your Congress people are claiming that if the planned budget deficits continue, that your country will be headed into bankruptcy. Some of your economists are even talking about a 20% chance of America falling into a mild depression. Records of high unemployment abound, and many have lost 30-50% of their investments. Companies are still talking about layoffs, and some banks and companies have already failed. Many economists and government people are doing everything to make things look like they are improving, but it is all artificial so far. The surprise is that this slowdown will drag on for a lot longer time than is predicted. It is better to trust in My help to get you through these hard times than trust in your money, your investments, or the government. All of the things around you will come to nothing, but it is your soul that will last forever. This is why your spiritual life is more important to look after than wasting time worrying about the economic hard times around you. Put your faith and trust in Me and you will have nothing to worry about.”