Wednesday, March 25, 2009: (Annunciation)

Jesus said: “My people, there were two Annunciations performed by the angel Gabriel. One was to announce to Zachary the coming birth of St. John the Baptist, and the other was the Annunciation of My birth to My Blessed Mother. The reactions were quite different to each of those who heard Gabriel’s message. Zachary and his wife were beyond child bearing years, so he doubted the angel’s message and he was silenced until St. John’s birth. My Blessed Mother always followed the Will of God, and she wanted to know the way she could conceive, and did not doubt that it could be done. On hearing that the Holy Spirit would come upon her, she willingly of her own free will gave her fiat of acceptance of God’s Will. Mary was prepared by God from all time to be the chosen woman to bear Me into the world. This is why she was conceived without original sin and why she had no sin in her life so that this Covenant vessel would be pure and sinless to receive God for the salvation of all of mankind. For this honor she is called ‘Blessed’ among all women. Rejoice in My Blessed Mother’s acceptance of bringing Me into your world that needed My Redemption.”