Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you that you would see a whirlwind of events, and you are seeing this continue with a 7.4 earthquake in Mexico and a 6.2 earthquake in Indonesia on the same day. Tornadoes and earthquakes are humbling people, as homes are destroyed and some deaths are occurring from these events. You will see more of these events as you usually do, but the coming events will be greater than usual that are approaching biblical proportions, which are signs of My coming. Before I come, you will see evil get worse with the coming of false christs and the Antichrist. So be prepared to come to My refuges for protection from those who want to persecute you because of your belief in Me. You are living in the end times as I have warned you, and you see your government taking away your freedoms frequently. Trust in My greater power as I will protect you from these evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have confirmed this message that you will be seeing a major earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific Ocean that could cause major flooding and some deaths. If there is a major tsunami warning, people need to move inland from the coast as fast as possible. Tsunami waves travel very fast, and they can be quite high with a large underwater earthquake. You have been seeing some fairly large earthquakes, and there will be more coming. These events will become more frequent and more severe. I have warned My people to avoid living close to the ocean, and away from known earthquake faults. If a major event happens, It could affect your food and water supplies, which is why I have asked you to store some food and water. If food is scarce, you are to share what you have, and I will multiply what you have for your needs. If a national martial law is declared, be ready to leave for My refuges. This is because the one world people will use even major natural disasters for their takeover. Even some of these things can be created by the HAARP machine for the purpose of a takeover. Trust in Me that I will protect you and provide for your needs.”