Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, this sinking ship in the vision is another sign of how America is sinking both from its poor finances physically, and its sins of abortion and sexual sins spiritually. You have seen in recent years how your National Debt has grown out of control with your repeated deficits every year. Since you are operating on paper money without any backing, your businesses and government have been overspending for years with no one concerned about interest on the debt or how these debts would be repaid. The one world people, who are running your government, have purposely spent money into so much debt in order to bankrupt your country. Now that China and other sources of money are not buying your debt in the Treasury Notes, the Federal Reserve is your buyer of last resort. The Federal Reserve is simply making money out of thin air to dilute your money supply, and they are adding to your National Debt with their quantitative easing. These purchases are just postponing your day of reckoning because you have little chance of affording the interest, let alone the principal. Your abortions, sexual sins, killings, and other sins have so shifted the balance of prayer and good works that you have become bankrupt spiritually as well. Just as Israel was exiled for worshiping other gods, so America will suffer a punishment in being taken over. This collapse is coming soon, and this is why I am representing your country as a sinking ship. Pray for the souls, who are in need of conversion, but you will soon have to leave for My refuges before you see riots and destruction all over America.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you how your scientists are experimenting with a new mobile EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) machine that could be directed at cities and carried in an airplane. If it was used, it could put out all the computers, microchips, and vehicles, as well as electricity in an area of the size of a city. Such a weapon could cause death to people if it was put up to its highest intensity and highest frequency. This is equivalent to a small nuclear device without the blast damage and similar to a neutron bomb without the radioactivity. These weapons are in several countries and they could be a new form of a weapon of mass destruction. Many of your microchips are vulnerable to such EMP releases. This could bring a city to a standstill and inactivate your business functions. Such weapons have characteristic signatures when used, but they could be hidden in many places. These weapons can be tuned to just inactivate chips without killing people. Beware of these weapons in the wrong hands. You may want to do some research on EMP machines, who makes them, and the extent of damage that they can cause. This is one more case of man using weapons to control people or even kill people. Pray that you can have these weapons controlled. They will not be effective on My refuges.”