Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have talked to you at length of how I want you to offer up all of your suffering and join it with Mine on the cross. I have also asked you to pick up your daily cross and carry it with Me. If you ask for My graces, I will even assist you with your daily burden, just as Simon helped Me to carry My cross. There is one more request. I know that you all are weak to sin and are sinners, but you must realize that every sin that you commit becomes an added weight to My cross that I must carry. Learn that My suffering is to pay the price for each of your sins. So I ask you to minimize your sins so I will be able to suffer less for them. In a spiritual way I am still suffering for all of the sins that you are committing. Your sins not only offend Me, but they weaken your love relationship with Me. Even still, My mercy awaits you when you seek My forgiveness in Confession. When you see how difficult it is for you to carry your own cross, then see how loving you can be to Me by avoiding your sin, and lighten the load of suffering that I have to do for you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I gave you messages about natural disasters and now you are seeing the floods that I mentioned a week ago with some loss of life as well. This vision of parts of homes being carried away by a flooding river is exactly what you are witnessing currently in the middle of your country. Fast melting snow and heavy rain downpours are causing flooding in areas that were already saturated with water from previous storms. Be prepared for more floods by seeking higher ground away from rivers and coast lands. Those, who are asked to evacuate, should leave quickly and not risk losing their lives by staying behind. These rainstorms are following tornadoes, and fires that occurred earlier. Between natural disasters, recession, inflated goods, and your mortgage crisis, this year will test you like no previous year. Pray that those, who need help, will be able to find it.”