Wednesday, March 17, 2010: (St. Patrick’s Day)

Jesus said: “My people, you are blessed to have many Irish priests and nuns who came to America years ago. St. Patrick brought the faith to Ireland as a missionary priest and bishop. It is this Catholic heritage that has been handed down to many faithful today in America. You treasure the wearing of a green shamrock, but it was St. Patrick’s teaching of the Blessed Trinity that it represents. Your gift of faith is a blessing to pass on for many generations, and you should be thankful to your roots and your parents and grandparents for your Irish faith. The faith has lessened in strength in Ireland and America, but there are still remnants of that original strong faith left in various parts of your country. Treasure your gift of faith no matter what nation you are from because it is your spiritual life blood that will bring you to heaven. Stay close to Me in your daily prayers and your sharing in My sacraments.”

Jesus said: “My people, this circling like a hurricane with intermittent sparks is how the HAARP machine enhances storms, and adds to the intensity of hurricanes, tornadoes, and low pressure weather. These sparks and colored lights are also how these microwaves can set up a resonance on fault lines and can cause severe earthquakes. The one world people, who are trying to cut the population, are the ones behind using this array of antennas to cause death and destruction. They also are using the chemtrails to spread viruses to cause a fair number of flu deaths. They are trying to keep these covert operations secret, but I see their intentions in their hearts and they will have to answer to Me for their evil deeds at their judgment. Pray for the victims of these disasters who are suffering losses of their homes, and their loved ones. As the evil increases, My people will eventually have to leave for My refuges to protect themselves from being killed.”