Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you are praying and fasting just as it speaks of these things in the readings. In the Gospel I was telling the people that they had someone greater than Solomon’s wisdom here in Me. They also had someone greater than Jonah here as well. In the first reading you see Jonah as a reluctant prophet who did not want to tell the people of Nineveh to repent. After being spewed up on the beach, he went. He proclaimed that in forty days Nineveh would be destroyed. The king declared a fast all over his kingdom, and he sat in sackcloth and ashes. Because of this threat, the people of Nineveh repented of their sins, and they changed their sinful lifestyles. Once, I saw that the people had changed their ways of sin, I relented of any punishment, and the city was spared. This is a lesson for America, because I have given America many messages to stop its abortions and repent of its sins, or America will be taken over by the one world people. Because America is not repenting, nor changing its sinful lifestyles, there will be more disasters of punishment. In the end, the one world people will take over your government with martial law, and you will be given over to the Antichrist. This is when you will need to come to My refuges, when you will have mandatory chips in the body and have to worship the Antichrist. Refuse the mark of the beast, and refuse to worship anyone but Me. If you do not leave for the safety of My refuges, then you could be captured and killed in your detention death camps. Trust in My protection because I am more powerful than all of the demons.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you all were digging out from your recent snowstorm, you are seeing another one of your snow disasters that is temporarily paralyzing your people from their normal activities. Schools and businesses had to close down because of your blizzard conditions. You are up to ‘V’ in your snowstorm names, and you are seeing these disasters, one after another, like I told you before. In your Lenten Season, these storms are penances to make up for your sins as a nation. I have been giving you many warnings, like Jonah, to repent and change your sinful ways. Without enough prayer, you will continue to be harassed by these disasters. Wake up America, and stop your abortions, before these disasters will grow worse with time.”