Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard for you to imagine a soul body burning amidst the sulfur stench of a molten hot volcano. This is why souls and demons in hell are very ugly looking because they feel burning constantly without being consumed by the fire. To be in this wretched place of hell with no love and without My presence is so terrible to imagine someone living in that environment for all eternity with no hope of getting any better. These souls in hell are constantly being tormented by the demons as well as the rest of their suffering. If you saw the souls in hell, you would be struggling even more desperately to save souls from going to hell. This is why souls that have near death experiences of going to hell, are really awakened to how their lives were so evil and they need to repent and change their lives. Seeing the pits of hell is a real wake-up call to change for the better. You can come to Me out of love, which is the most desirable, but you can also come to Me out of the fear of being forever in hell. However you decide, it is much more important to strive for heaven than to be spiritually lazy in sin that could lead you to a judgment in hell.”