Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010: (St. Ephrem)
 Jesus said: “My people, in today’s first reading Elijah used a sacrifice to demonstrate God’s power over man’s worship of other gods, as Baal. After Elijah criticized the Baal worshipers for not bringing fire down on their sacrifice, he called on Me and God the Father to bring fire down on a water saturated offering. Once the fire consumed the whole sacrifice, the people announced twice: ‘The Lord is God.’ The Jewish people were weak at times, as all of mankind are, but at other times as at the Red Sea and in this account, they were faced with the obvious truth of Our existence. This vision of Marino’s story in the cave is another example of how he called on his New Age gods and crystals to help him in his rebel captivity, but nothing happened. When he called on Me finally, he received an eight hour Warning experience that converted him from many years of New Age teachings. Even today people can look back in their lives and see how I have helped them get through many desperate situations. Even in your own ministry, you have seen many confirmations from your own messages that have come true, and from others who have confirmed your authenticity through various signs. Still there are some people who worship worldly gods and material things instead of Me. Once these people are confronted with threatening situations, they soon see that their money, possessions, and worldly gods cannot help them. I am the only One who will love you and take care of you because you are My creations. The devil hates you, and the worldly things are cold and are gone tomorrow. Even in your modern world, you can see in these examples that ‘The Lord is God.’ as the Israelites proclaimed in the reading.”

Jesus said: “My people, public information about comets and asteroids is sketchy at best. This current comet (C/2009 R1-McNaught) that you are following was seen coming at first in September, 2009. Unless this information is public and available, very few would know about it. I have mentioned before that there will be a bright comet that will be in the sky on the day of the Warning. This trajectory will be so close to the earth that this information will be blacked out until many people will see it. Any comet that comes from behind the sun could be blocked from view for a time. Certain comets may not get very bright until they are close to the sun. This comet of the Warning will be significant because it will return to hit the earth as the Comet of Chastisement. As this Warning event draws close, it would be good to confess your sins monthly so you are ready to meet Me at your mini-judgment. The Warning will be experienced by everyone at the same time and you will be warned not to take any chip in the body and not to worship the Antichrist. You also will be notified that a time is coming to leave your homes for My refuges. Pray for your acceptance of this trial as you will need to be at My refuges to avoid being killed by the evil ones. Trust in My angels to protect you. Use this Warning experience to evangelize your family members, since they will be most open to your words about Confession for their souls at that time.”