Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, I have asked you to imitate My life with love and good works, so people can recognize you as good Christians. Let Me be proud of your good behavior, so you are a good example to others who want to believe in Me. In life you will find evil people, who at times, try to hide their identity by disguising themselves as My faithful. By their fruits of evil deeds, you can see that these evil ones are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is why I want My faithful to bear good fruit in your deeds, your language, and your behavior. Think of yourself as a good tree in the vision, so you are made to do good things and bear good fruit. If you should falter in sin, you can be cleansed of your sins in Confession. Keep your souls pure and continue to bear good fruit out of love for Me. Just as the farmers cut down the bad trees and throw them into the fire, so at the judgment, I will cast the evil ones into the fire of hell. But My true faithful souls will receive their reward in heaven for all eternity.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is unfortunate that you see constant fighting in the Middle East, as various factions are struggling for power and land. It is better not to be killing people in made-up wars. I want people to live in peace, but the devil is always stirring up trouble in the Middle East. As America left Iraq, now other groups are taking your place. There are at least three factions that are fighting each other to control Iraq. It is difficult to determine who is backing and arming this latest group, but it is even harder to determine any reason for further American involvement in the fighting. The one world people are still trying to get America involved in another no-win war. Do not listen to these people who are promoting more war in Iraq. Saddam was removed from Iraq in an earlier war, but nothing would be accomplished with any further American involvement.”