Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, you have a drug culture at all levels of your society that provides a market for all of the drug smuggling underworld. Once unsuspecting people experiment with drugs, then some get addicted, and their lives are ruined. Many thefts and killings occur in your cities because of the addicts feeding their habit and the dealers making big money. Even some have advocated for marijuana to be sold publicly beyond health reasons. This is a huge industry from Columbia and Afghanistan that has only added to the crime and degradation of your society. Drugs and alcohol are escapes for people who cannot deal with life’s trials, but these addictions make things worse. These dealers prey on the young and the poor for their new customers, and you need to warn your children not to get involved with these evil people. Stopping the traffic of drugs is a big problem, especially when the dealers pay off the enforcers. People need to trust more in Me for help instead of relying on drugs and alcohol. The devil is behind this destruction, so do not let these things control your life.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are dealing with a foreign oil company and they have been slow to try various ways to stop this oil from leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. The huge cement containment device failed, and the mud and cement ‘top kill’ failed to slow the flow as well. Every attempt has not been tried at such depths, which is why the cold temperatures and heavy pressures are causing problems. There is an urgency to stop this flow and people do not want to hear of several months until another well can be drilled to take off some of the pressure. Investigation of the explosion has still not revealed any main malfunctions or causes, other than a possible natural gas explosion from a faulty relief valve. Damage to the fishing and tourism in the area has created a financial disaster as well as an environmental disaster. This man-made disaster is becoming worse than even the hurricane damage. Pray for a rapid solution to this leak and a strong effort to clean up the oil. This is demonstrating how there is less control in fixing deep water wells, and it could hinder such oil sources in the future as insurance costs will be expensive.”