Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, finding the fuels to make electricity and power for your factories relies more on natural gas and coal than it does on oil. Oil is being used to make petrochemicals and gasoline with tars and asphalt as by-products. Gasoline is an important mainstay in your transportation in powering trucks and your cars. It is only because of the higher cost of crude oil that it is making alternative fuels more affordable and giving options to crude oil. America would like to be energy independent from buying so much crude oil abroad at a high price. It would be quicker to utilize existing technology to be able to acquire more oil by off shore drilling. As the demand for oil increases more than the supply by the producers, there could be financial reasons for some countries to take over oil states by military force. This could come about before enough alternative fuels could be provided in sufficient quantity. It is this long term time that will be needed to make more fuel alternatives available that is the problem. If countries are not patient, and nations do not implement viable energy plans in time, you could see more financial upheavals or out right wars over the available supplies of fuel, especially crude oil. Wars will only play into the hands of the one world people who use wars to control countries. Pray for peace and that such wars do not start or these fuels could be destroyed or disrupted causing even worse turmoil.”