Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this overflowing waterfall is how I pour out My abundant graces on all of you. You should be grateful and give Me thanks for all that I have given you. The best way to say thank you to Me would be to share what bounty you have with others, so they can have what they need in physical things and spiritual needs of faith as well. You share alms with the poor in money, but you can also share your grace of faith with the poor in spirit. Those, who need conversion to knowing Me, or re-conversion to bring them back to Me, are in need of your help spiritually because they are lost, but now they are found through you. I am like the Father of the Prodigal Son waiting for all sinners to return to Me so I can grant them forgiveness of their sins and heal their souls. My faithful are My arms and legs to bring souls to Me. Continue in your charity of alms and your charity of evangelization by prayer and invitation to come to Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you have many people at a refuge, it is difficult to have enough water for everyone’s needs. The well water is best for drinking and cooking, but it may be limited. I will multiply your water when needed. In the vision you saw people in multiplied buildings and the gutters were catching rainwater which fell into water barrels. This rain water would be good for bathing and washing your clothes. Care needs to be taken in how to get the water out of the barrels. Either have a removable lid on top or a mechanical pump through a hole in the top. Take care during the freezing days of winter to bring the barrels inside where you are heating. You may have to collect snow and melt it inside for extra water. Water is a very necessary item for survival, so protect your water sources from getting disease or freezing. As you learn how to live on a refuge for protection, you will also learn what you need to survive. Gathering food from animals and your crops will be another concern, as well as storing the food in a root cellar in the ground. All of your needs will be satisfied, but you will need to help each other with your own various skills. Give praise and thanks to Me for providing you a safe haven of protection.”