Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, some people try to interpret My mission on earth, but they do not know My Mind or the many intentions that I had when I was on the earth. You are fortunate that My evangelists were empowered by the Holy Spirit to write down all that I told them. This is why the Scriptures that you read at every Mass have meaning that can be used by My people every day. My main purpose in coming to earth is to give every soul the opportunity for salvation of their soul in heaven. My death and resurrection have ransomed all souls from their sins. The gates of heaven have been opened, and I have given you My sacraments for all your needed graces. By Confession you can ask My forgiveness of your sins, and by Communion you can receive My Real Presence into your souls. Baptism and Confirmation give My faithful the grace of the Holy Spirit to evangelize others. The formation of My Church through My apostles gave you the priests and bishops that can dispense these sacraments, and the Church is the guide to interpreting My words in Scripture. I sought out people to believe in My Word, and to establish love relationships with Me and their neighbors. Many came to believe in Me through My healing miracles. As you view all that I did on earth, you can see that truly I fulfilled the many intentions that My Father requested.”

Jesus said: “My people, you should not criticize other people for their actions because you should not be passing judgment on them. I am the only One to make judgments on people. There are some people who even criticize others for doing what they do. If you are going to preach My Word, you need to get your own spiritual house in order. If you teach one thing, but you are committing the same sin, then you lose your credibility by being a hypocrite. This is why you need to give good example in your actions so you are practicing what you preach. I told you about the Pharisees to follow what they teach, but do not follow their actions.”
Jesus said: “My people, in older days the average worker had a good work ethic, and workers took pride in their work. Today, there is a large part of the work force that wants to do just the bare minimum to earn their wage. There are some over achievers who want to improve their work by coming up with new ideas to get the same product for less money. In many companies it is the good workers who carry the rest who are not putting out as much effort. There are new problems in today’s work force that starts with outsourcing cheap labor. An American worker now has to compete with cheap labor in poor third world countries. Unless that worker is in a technical field, it may be difficult to compete. The basic problem is that there are fewer good paying jobs that are available. With such a high unemployment rate, many are satisfied to get unemployment checks for two years, or get government aid from welfare or disability. You have read data that said 46% of the people are working to support the rest. Even in the Early Church, you did not get supper unless you worked for it. When fewer work for a living, it puts a harder burden on the workers because they are taxed higher to support the welfare state. As deficits and taxes go up, there will come a time when the workers will go on strike for a fairer part of their salary. Pray for your workers, as those getting entitlements may have to take cuts in their payments.”