Wednesday, July 9, 2008: (St. Augustine & Chinese martyrs)

Jesus said: “My people, this is another view of the horsemen of Revelation with an emphasis on the red horse of war and a picture of fires caused by severe droughts and winds. You have been seeing warplane exercises by Israel and now missile exercises by Iran. Nations around Iran are concerned that they are enriching uranium to make bombs. Iran is threatening to attack America’s ships and bases if Iran is attacked. Iran could threaten to stop 40% of the world’s oil that comes from the Persian Gulf. I have requested many prayers for peace in this area that war can be prevented. It is this combination of natural disasters and wars that could bring about many deaths from pestilence and famine. This part of the Book of Revelation is foretelling much death and destruction that is coming soon. Man needs to change his sinful ways and repent of his sins if he is to mitigate any of these events.”
Jesus said: “My people, do not let the devil entice you with money, fame, pride, or pleasure so he can control your soul. Some even make pacts with the devil for fame, wealth, or power, but in the end they must pay with their life and their soul. Greed, pride, and pleasure are the devil’s means to entice you to please your earthly desires. None of these things are required to gain heaven, and they really are distractions from your spiritual desires to love Me and have your soul saved. Everyone needs to examine their own intentions in their hearts as to why you do things. See if some of these intentions are led by your pride or greed, and realize that you cannot allow things to control you. Let go of all of your earthly desires, and focus more on your spiritual life, because this life is quickly passing away. Use your talents and your money to help people out of love for Me and love for your neighbor. When you do things to help others, you will see a reward in heaven is better than any selfish pleasures in this life. Earthly fame, wealth, or pleasure is very fleeting and gone in this life. Sharing eternal life with Me in heaven will give you an eternal reward which is far greater than anything that you could receive in this life. So focus your efforts and actions on gaining heavenly treasure than on listening to any of the devil’s distractions with the things of this life.”