Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011: (St. Maria Goretti)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Mass intention was for the poor souls in purgatory. This is why you are seeing the souls suffering in the flames of lower purgatory. The souls in purgatory have to rely on Masses and prayers from their relatives in order to help them move through the levels of purgatory up to heaven. You experienced movement through the flames, but it was very slow and not always in an upward direction. If you personally experienced the life of a soul in purgatory, you would understand more their struggle with the burning sensation of the flames, and their being deprived of any presence of Myself to them in their condition. Some people think that all souls go to heaven after their death, but this is granted to very few souls at death. This is why the soul’s relatives do not realize what the soul is going through. Masses and prayers are very important to these souls, and My people should not forget to pray for your deceased members of your family who could still be suffering in purgatory. Do not be lazy because they are in deep need of your help. In your daily prayers keep remembering to pray for the souls in purgatory, especially those in your own family. Remember to have Masses said for the deceased at their funerals. Know that most souls who do not go to hell, are in some need of purification in purgatory before they are worthy of entering heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, many reports on the news are focused on raising the debt ceiling that is being linked to some difficult $4 trillion in cuts for spending over ten years. Entitlement projections for just Medicare and Social Security are adding trillions of dollars beyond your income that will soon be out of money. America cannot afford $1.6 trillion yearly deficits. These deficits have to be financed by entities buying your Treasury Notes. China has a huge trade imbalance between your country, and they were buying your Treasury Notes up until now. They now want to buy your land and industries instead, meaning it will be hard to find large investors to buy your bonds. If your bonds cannot be sold, even with large interest rates, then your country will default on its debt obligations, and your dollar will become worthless. This crash of your economic system will go bankrupt even if your Congress passes some budget cuts. These concerns about financing even your current debt could create a world depression and a martial law takeover when you will see riots in the streets. The one world people are behind your coming financial collapse, and they are waiting to place America into the North American Union with a new currency. When this collapse comes, My people will need to flee to My refuges for your protection from these evil ones who want to kill you. Trust in My protection during this coming tribulation, and I will provide for your needs.”