Wednesday, July 29, 2009: (St. Martha)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is all about how people need to realize how much I am a part of their lives. Without My help you could not exist, and I also help provide for your survival. Some people think that they do everything for their own survival, and that they do not need to depend on Me. For such people they are burdened twice as much with this life. When you invite Me to help you with your necessities, life will seem much easier. When you trust Me for everything and consecrate everything over to Me, I can use you for My work of the salvation of souls. It is when you refuse to let Me into your heart, that you are not open to do My work. You are all part of My creation, and you need to be in harmony with My Will in order to have peace in the world and in your heart. Make Me a part of your every day life, and I can bring you to heaven one day.”
Jesus said: “My people, many people use laptop computers and they desire wireless access to the internet. This wireless feature allows all such equipped computers to have an access by cell towers and satellites to be tracked, and signals could control what comes on the screen. It would be better to disengage this feature and only use outlet direct lines to the internet. In this way the controls are not as effective and your computer can be less tracked, especially when you turn off the internet connection. After the Warning I have told you to get rid of your TVs and computers out of your house so the Antichrist cannot control you with his eyes or subliminal messages to worship him. Computers can be used for good purposes, but they can also serve the evil one in tracking people or controlling peoples’ minds. Be forewarned about this wireless flaw before the Warning occurs.”