Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with riding a horse and how you lead the horse to go and stop. You also have to groom your horse, feed it, and have water for it. There are many responsibilities to owning horses, but they provided transportation and work for people before your cars and trucks. It may not be the best of analogies, but in some respects I am like the rider and you are like the horse. I guide you on your way and I provide for your food and shelter, but I still allow your free will. When you listen to My Word and follow My ways, then life appears easy in taking on My burden. But when you prefer to follow your own ways, then you run into many difficulties and even punishment when you get out of control. Even your society forces you to conform to the laws of the land. The lesson is to be faithful to Me in all that you do, and this life will be much more bearable.”

Camille: “Hello everybody, I am still here trying to help all of you, but getting people back to church is not an easy job. If you see Me repeating things in my visits, it is because you are not listening to what the Lord wants you to do. I admit that I was not any better when I lived on the earth, but now I think differently when the Lord wants me to do something. I was used to people doing what I asked, but I see why the Lord is constantly nudging people because many are ignoring Him. I am also being frustrated by having to accept that I cannot change people’s free will. I pray for all of you, and I will be persistent in doing what I can to lead you on the right path to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you not to put your trust in money, gold, stocks, or bank balances, but instead, put your trust in Me for all that you need. In past civilizations people used gold and silver coins for buying and selling, but these metals are quite heavy for large transactions. Through the years America also has used gold and silver coins. Once you introduced paper notes backed by gold and silver, you now had paper that was only a promise to be redeemed in real value coins. Then this backing was taken away and your cash was truly in paper with only the faith of your government backing these notes. Now you have bank ledgers on electronic computers that exchanges money by credit. This credit has multiplied much more than your physical paper cash. If someone wants to cancel your credit card or zero balance your bank accounts, you are powerless to control your money. The central bankers do control your accounts and they can devalue your currency by inflating your credit. Once they demand computer chips in the body for your transactions, they will control your mind. Refuse to take any chips in the body, even if they steal all of your credit money or threaten to kill you. This is why it is better to have food and things to barter with when your fiat money is taken away. When the authorities try to force such chips on you, it will be time to leave for My refuges. The evil ones control the value of your dollar and soon it will become worthless. This is why saving some food and being ready to go to My refuges should be a part of your preparations for a coming takeover of America. I have given you many messages on these end times, and you are seeing the signs of these prophesies being fulfilled. Trust in Me and My angels to protect you in this coming tribulation at My refuges.”