Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015: (St. Mary Magdalene)
Jesus said: “My people, you have read in the Scriptures how the people of the Exodus did not know where they would get food and water in the desert. I had to perform many more miracles for the people to have water, meat, and bread in the desert. These people had concerns for their survival, so I had Moses strike the rock to get enough water for all the people to drink. Then in the morning they gathered manna, and they ate quail for meat at night. They complained about the manna, and they suffered snake bites as a punishment. Moses held up the bronze serpent on a pole, so when they looked on it, they were healed. This is a preview of your refuge living during the persecution of the tribulation. Expect your people to be frightened and concerned about survival as well. You will need counseling to calm down the fears of the people. I will multiply your water and provide a spring for water as well. You will have My daily Eucharistic manna from My angels or a priest. You will have deer for meat, and I will multiply your other food. You will have daily perpetual Adoration of My consecrated Host at My refuges. You will see healing from the luminous cross and the healing spring water. Trust in My protection as My angels will put an invisible shield around you. The tribulation will be brief, but you will be rewarded in My Era of Peace for being faithful to My miracles.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been on this pilgrimage to St. Ann de Beaupres several times, and you know how the evil one tries to test you to keep you from getting to your destination on time. In a previous message I warned you to pray for safe travel, and to not be upset by any disturbances in your travels. You have seen car problems in the past, so you know enough to pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer for your protection. You have enough time to pray your three rosaries for the day in the car. All of you will receive graces for making this pilgrimage to St. Ann’s. You are meeting because of the feast day, but also to have an opportunity to be with your friends. Call on St. Ann to guide you safely to your destination. With My protection and that of My saints and angels, you should arrive safely without any incident. God bless all of you for coming to St. Ann’s these last several years.”