Wednesday, July 22, 2009: (St. Mary Magdalene)

Jesus said: “My people, after the Israelites grumbled, Moses prayed to God for bread and meat. By My grace they received manna in the desert in the morning and quail dropped in the camp at twilight for meat. When I died, I left Myself behind in the bread and wine of Communion that you receive in the Mass. So you have My Real Presence in My Host for spiritual and physical food. Even as I provided food for My people in the Exodus, so I will provide food for My remnant in the coming Modern Day Exodus at My refuges. I will multiply what food you have, and My angels will give you Holy Communion every day if you do not have a Mass. At night I will allow deer to come into your camp and drop for your meat. You will have water from miraculous springs that will heal your infirmities. Trust that I will provide for your needs, even as I provided for the Israelites.”
Jesus said: “My people, spring flowers as lilies are always a sign of hope in new life. These lilies are always displayed around Easter, so they are associated with My Resurrection from the tomb. In this life your desire is to be with Me ultimately in heaven as you are awaiting your own resurrection at the last judgment. This life passes away quickly, so it is not worth it to try and extend your life any more than when I will call you home. Living a long life is a grace, but it will not bring you closer to heaven unless you use that extra time to grow in your faith. Live every day as if it were your last day because you cannot promise yourself that you will be alive tomorrow. Make the most of each day to bring as many souls to Me as possible. The more good deeds that you have in your hands, the more treasure you will have in heaven for your judgment. Do what you can to help people in need because each opportunity for helping someone is an opportunity for grace. Give praise and glory to Me for bringing salvation to all souls. It is your wish to accept My gift of salvation, and give your will over to Me in total consecration. Those, who seek My forgiveness of their sins and accept Me as Master over their lives, are those who are on the right path to heaven.”