Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010: (St. Lawrence of Brindisi)
Jesus said: “My people, every person, who I called to religious life, or to be a messenger or prophet, gave a variety of responses. Some were reluctant and later accepted, some gave their yes right away, and some refused altogether. You should not criticize anyone for how they chose to do My mission. Just as I chose My apostles from ordinary people, so I choose many ordinary people to do My calling in your world of today. Those, who bring My Word to My people, are doing My Will, and you need to discern if their words follow My teachings, the teachings of My Church, and if good works come as a result. In these end times I am sending many messengers, but the evil one is also sending false witnesses to confuse you. Those, whom I call, need to have a holy life of prayer and good works. I know My servants have human frailties, but in their heart they love Me and are doing the best that they can to serve Me. Whenever you do something good as a directed mission, the evil one will attack you in any way he can to upset and disturb your plans. Have no fear or anxiety of what to do. I will give My people the grace and courage to accomplish the mission that I have planned for their lives. When it is time to give witness to My Word, the Holy Spirit will give you what you are to say. This is why I ask you, My son, to call on the Holy Spirit to help you in your talks. I call on all of My people to go out to all the nations and evangelize souls to the faith, so you can save as many souls as possible from going to hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who are running your government’s budgets are not telling the people your true levels of indebtedness. You have two budgets and two measures of National Debt. One is considered on budget, meaning the actual dollars collected and spent. The other is off budget, meaning future obligations to be paid to Social Security recipients, unemployment benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid. The on budget deficit is about $13 trillion, while the off budget deficit is about $56 trillion. Many tricks are used to disguise the deficits so the people will not realize that your country is technically insolvent. This means that your debts are well beyond your ability to pay. Your spending is also well beyond your income, and there is no plan to cut spending to balance your budget. Your home, businesses, and even states have to balance their budgets or they are declared bankrupt. Your government can use tricks to print bonds and money out of thin air because these Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything of value. This is why the elite have their wealth in tangibles, instead of in paper money and paper stock certificates. Your money system is like a deck of cards that is ready to be crashed at any time. Once investors and foreigners stop buying your Treasury notes, there will be no way to finance your debt and your money will be worthless. This plan of bankrupting America has been the one world people’s way of taking over your country for many years. Be prepared to go to My refuges once your dollar crashes. The evil ones want total control over your lives, and that is why they are encouraging socialism where your government controls everything as in China and Russia. Pray for your people to repent before the Antichrist takes over.”