Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I healed many people of their sicknesses, blindness, and inability to walk. Many, that I healed, were also converted to believing in My words. Casting out demons was also one of My gifts, but the people in today’s Gospel were more concerned about their lost swine than the two demon possessed people that were freed. Demon obsessions or possessions have been with you all throughout history, even in today’s world. I gave My apostles and My priests the power to exorcize or drive out demons from people. Some are possessed by many demons as in today’s Gospel, and these require much prayer and fasting to cast them out. I am more powerful than these demons so they are forced to obey Me. Deliverance of people from demons is a very delicate battle that should be done by a priest or groups of people praying at once. Some people invite these demons by Ouija boards, and other Satanic rituals as drinking evil potions. Avoid such curiosities and wear Benedictine crosses, holy water, scapulars, and your rosaries for protection against the demons. Invoke My Name, Jesus, or pray the St. Michael prayer when you are being attacked by them. I give you many holy weapons to fight these evil ones, but remember that they are battling to possess your souls, and that is your most precious possession. You have Me, your guardian angels, angels and saints in heaven, and all of your sacramentals as blessed salt, holy water, and blessed medals to use in your defense. Pray daily and confess your sins in Confession frequently, and you will be protected from these evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, you remember in World War II when Hitler and the Nazis had a plan to exterminate all of the Jews in Germany and lands that they took by force. The one world people also have a plan to exterminate all of the religious people and patriots when they declare martial law. I am going to warn My people and My priests when it is time to go to My refuges before these evil ones will come to kill you. If some refuse to go to My refuges, then these people will be carried off on trains to the death camps. Those, who heed My call, will be protected at My refuges. My faithful will call and warn the priests when to leave, but the priests will die if they refuse to listen. Pray for My faithful and My priests to be ready to flee to My refuges, or those left behind could be martyred for their faith. Refuse under any circumstances to take microchips in your body, even if people threaten to kill you. These chips in the body will control you by following voices of suggestions in mind control that will make you like robots. Refuse to worship the Antichrist, and seek out My refuges when you see martial law declared. Have no fear and trust in Me to protect you at My refuges. The evil ones will be cast into hell, as I will bring about My Era of Peace.”