Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I have asked My people to be childlike in order to come to heaven. It is not by your own merits that you can come to heaven, but through My death and Resurrection you are saved. Each soul needs to be humble and ask My forgiveness of his or her sins. It is not easy to acknowledge that you are a sinner, but you need to swallow your pride and come to Me in Confession at least once a month. If you truly are going to serve Me, then I need to be the center of your life, which means that you need to conform your will over to My Divine Will. When you follow Me in this way, you can trust in Me that I will watch over you and guide you on your way to heaven. It is only by focusing on My ways that you will be able to fulfill the mission that I have planned for you. Give praise and glory to Me for all that I do for you in this life.”

Jesus said: “My people, you remember when James and John wanted to sit one on My right side and the other on My left side in heaven. (Matt. 21:20-23) I asked them if they could drink the same cup of suffering that I was about to endure. This cup of suffering is what you are seeing in the vision. The darkness in the cup represents the hour of darkness when I would allow the devil to use men to put Me to death. Many followers of Mine have died for their faith as martyrs. A time of persecution is coming soon with an evil that you have yet to see when the Antichrist declares himself in power over the whole world. Soon My faithful will have to drink their cups of suffering as you have to live through this brief reign of evil. Some of My people will be martyred for their faith, but others will be protected at My refuges. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give you what to say when you are tested. Have faith in Me, even if the evil ones threaten to kill you. All martyrs, who die because of their faith in Me, will become instant saints in heaven. Refuse to worship the Antichrist and refuse any chips in the body. You will all be warned when your life is in danger, and when it is time to leave for My refuges. Those, who do not leave in time, are risking martyrdom in the death camps.”

Jesus said: “My people, in some areas you are seeing the decay of My churches. Some parishes have only older people, and as they grow old and their hair turns white, eventually they are dying off. You need young people in a church to keep it vibrant, otherwise it will decay to nothing. There are other forces that will cause a division in My Church when you see New Age teachings start a schismatic church that will force My faithful remnant into home Masses. After this, you will have your religious freedom taken away by your authorities, and it will be unlawful to have a public Mass or church service. My Church will go underground until your lives will be threatened, and you will need to come to My refuges so My angels can make you invisible. At each refuge you will have daily Communion by My angels, and you will have perpetual Adoration to protect you and provide My graces for your souls. Do not fear the end times or the evil ones because I will be at your side protecting you from those who are trying to kill you.”