Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, it is the simple, humble souls that are more open to receiving Me into their hearts and souls. It is even the young children that My Blessed Mother chose to appear to in many apparitions. I am contrasting My faithful souls to the learned, the rich, and the proud who sometimes close their hearts to Me as this closed window. The gold door symbolizes the rich things and cares of the world that can sometimes blind the eyes of the worldly people so they are not open to My graces and My ways. You need to come to Me before My Eucharist in My tabernacle, or receive Me in Holy Communion in order to listen to My words of instruction on how you are to lead your lives. It may be difficult to give your will over to My Divine Will, but this is what is needed so you can carry out the mission that I have for you. When people want to follow their own will, it is hard to listen to My call. It is the worldly things that can blind you from your path to heaven. Everyone needs a good daily prayer life, so you can be open to My love and My direction. Do not let earthly things or addictions control you, so you can keep your focus on Me and what I want you to accomplish. Those, who follow Me and love Me and their neighbor, will have a great reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard for My refuge builders to supply all the needs for large numbers of people. The larger refuges would require larger investments than most people could afford. These plans are not meant to work hardships on people’s finances. Those people with more financial means could afford larger investments. You are seeing large buildings laid out with many beds to supply the dormitories when the faithful need a place to sleep. You also will have large kitchens for preparing the food, latrines, and places to wash up. The food may come from farm animals, the deer which I will send, and daily Communion. The water will be supplied by the miraculous spring on the land. Healing of ailments will be provided through the luminous cross in the sky, and My angels will protect you with an invisible shield. My faithful will be protected at My refuges, and My angels will multiply the dwellings as more people arrive. Do not complain about your food or your accommodations so all of you can help each other to survive. My refuges will protect your bodies and your souls. Be grateful to Me and to all those who have taken on building these places of refuge.”