Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard My cure of the demon possessed persons that were healed when I called the demons to leave them. The many demons drowned a large herd of swine and that is why the town people asked Me to leave. They did not realize the miracle healing, but they only concerned themselves with the lost swine. You have seen major water damage over the years from broken levees. Now you are about to see more water damage as a punishment for allowing so much evil to occur. It is by free will that you choose these evil acts, but there are also consequences for your actions. The evil of abortions and sexual sins have so cried out for My justice that you will see more destruction and loss of life. Pray for these sinners and to stay My hand of punishment. I call on My people to love Me and worship Me, and not to abuse My gifts and disobey My Commandments. Choose life over death and you will have your reward. Choose evil and you will see your punishment fit the crime.”