Wednesday, January 9, 2008

At Holy Name after Communion I could see the scene of Jesus walking on the water and then the windy sea subsided.  Jesus said:  “My people, in this Gospel reading from Mark (Mark 6:45-52) the disciples were astonished to see Me walking on the water.  When I got into the boat, the wind ceased and again they were amazed that I could control the wind and the sea.  I had told My apostles that I was God’s Son, and they had seen other miracles that I performed.  Yet they did not have the Holy Spirit in them until later, and at this time they did not comprehend that I could perform miracles because I was God’s Son.  Even today I am performing miracles of healing for those who have faith that I can heal them.  There are still many without faith in Me that cannot believe in miracles, but still they happen.  In the coming days of the tribulation believe in Me that I will perform many miracles to protect My faithful from the evil ones, and I will provide for all of your needs.  Like the apostles that were fearful that I was a ghost on the water, some people of today are fearful of the evil ones who are trying to kill them.  Some truly will die as martyrs, but they will be instant saints in heaven.  My faithful should have no fear of these evil ones because My power is greater than theirs, and My angels will protect you by making you invisible.  I will multiply your food, fuel, and graces in giving you My Hosts.  When you see My miracles as they will be happening, understand My power as God, and be not unbelieving, but believe in the glory of My power by giving praise and thanks to your God.”
Jesus said: “My people, I want you to have a large crucifix on your altars to show the people how much I suffered for you on My cross.  I not only took on your human limitations in My Incarnation, but I suffered death on the cross as a worthy sacrifice for all the sins of everyone that was created and will be created.  This understanding of My suffering is not conveyed by a plain cross without a corpus, or a Resurrected body on the cross.  This is why My crucifix is most desirable.  The love I have for all of you is expressed in My giving up My life for your sins.  In order to gain heaven, you need to follow My narrow road of suffering and sharing, and not the broad road of comforts and selfishness.  The soul, which desires to be with Me in heaven, is willing to suffer and be purified.  The body desires comforts and avoids pain and sharing.  Yet in order to be a saint, you will need to cleanse your souls of any desires of the world and its love of comforts and satisfying your senses.  Come to Me in love of Me and love of your neighbor, and all of your desires to follow Me will be fulfilled.  Working in this life to please Me and save souls should be your primary goals.  I desire all of you to love one another, and love for Me should come first.  Focus on Me, and your reward in heaven will be great.”
Meditation in silence: ‘Jesus limited Himself in His human body for us.  Jesus now limits Himself in the Hosts all over the world in each tabernacle.’