Wednesday, January 6, 2010: (Brother Andre)

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you someone in chains in a prison because torture, prisons, and martyrdom for the faith will become more widespread as you approach the time of tribulation. This is all the more reason that you should be prepared to go to My refuges with your backpacks, blankets, and tents. Any food and water would be multiplied later. You may be traveling a few days which is why you need a tent, a windup flashlight, warm clothes, food, and water. Those, who do not go to My refuges when I warn you, will be risking capture, torture, slave labor, or death. Even before the Antichrist comes to power, I have asked you to store one year’s supply of food, water barrels, and extra fuel sources. If you have power outages, viruses, or any riots, you may need this food and water to survive. Pray for My help whenever you are tested.”

Jesus said: “My people, man is using up many natural resources as metal ores, coal, oil, and uranium that are not endless sources for the future. You are also using up potash and various fertilizer components that are being used by your farmers. Recycling metals as scrap steel, copper, glass, and aluminum can minimize finding more resources. There are limits to the amount of food and things that you can manufacture. This is why conservation of energy and alternative energy sources are being looked at. Your desire for fossil fuels and more energy sources will have its limits, and your expanding population will create even more demands. This is why the one world people want to reduce the population because of your limited resources. Beware of the viruses, bad foods, and medicines that are slowly controlling your immune systems and could sterilize parts of your society. Trust in Me at My refuges where you will be healthy and fed with My food and water.”