Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012: (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)
Jesus said: “My people, once St. John the Baptist baptized Me, he said: ‘There goes the Lamb of God.’ Then St. Andrew followed Me and later brought his brother, Simon, to meet Me. I then called him Peter, and they both became My disciples. In this vision of a train track leading into the fog, this represents how My disciples followed Me in blind trust because I am the Messiah. I call many people to follow Me in blind trust, but it is not easy to put aside your worries and anxieties about what you are to eat, what you are to wear, and where you will stay for shelter. These are the things that the worldly people are concerned about, without thinking about My help. When you have full faith in Me, you let Me lead you to find work, a home, money for food, and possibly a car. When you have a good job, you will have the money for your needs. But remember that I enabled you to have the skills for your job, and you are really dependent on Me for everything. Do not let your pride think that once you have a job, that you do not need Me. You could lose your job and your money at any time. You could even lose your life tomorrow. So trust in Me every day to take care of you in giving you the air to breathe and My sunlight to see. I give you so many gifts that you take for granted, but you should be thanking Me for My gifts every day in your prayers. By living in full faith and trust in Me, you will have no worries and no anxieties. Live in My love and be joyous to experience the life that I have given you.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have given you many messages over the years, and I even instructed you when it was the right time to start publishing your books. Later on I also directed you to have DVD videos made about your talks, and even a DVD on promoting Adoration. Sometimes you have problems in getting just the right lighting and sound to make the DVD video. The second time when you prayed a novena to St. Therese, the DVD was made on the first try. You are seeing attacks from the evil one whenever you try to spread My Word. You will see these attacks getting worse with time as you approach the tribulation time. Even on the ship on your last cruise, I recommended that you take blessed salt and holy water to spread wherever you talked. Using My blessed sacramentals is helpful in protecting you from the demons and any possessed people. By wearing your rosary, scapular, Benedictine cross, and your relic of My true cross, you will have the protection that you will need. Call on Me and My angels to watch over you on your trips. Blessing your van with holy water and praying the St. Michael prayer will also protect you. As you go out to speak and distribute your books and DVDs, trust in the Holy Spirit to give you the words to lead people to conversion and reconversion. Also take the rosaries, leaflets, scapulars, and Confession preparation sheets to encourage people to pray, and to make good confessions of their sins. When you work in My vineyard for the harvest of souls, your reward in heaven will be great.”