Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you are beset by two problems, your illegal drug problem and your medical drug costs. The illegal drugs are big business all over the world and the rich deal in drugs as much as the drug dealers. The doctors and medicinal drug companies are constantly promoting newer and expensive drugs to make the legal drugs even more lucrative than illegal drugs. A good share of your health expenses are to pay for drugs that cost a considerable amount in a year’s time. You would be better to minimize the drugs to absolute needs and use herbs and vitamins for any other needs. It is unfortunate that alternative remedies are shunned by the medical profession. It will be a blessing soon when you come to My refuges, that you will find healing through My luminous cross and spring water, so that you will no longer need your pills. Some drugs are only meant to keep your symptoms at a status quo without total healing, so you will continue buying the drug companies’ pills. Pray for discernment in taking what is necessary. I am the great Healer, so pray for healing and not to poison your body with too many drugs.”